About Indika
Indika's simple and elegant designs are created to capture Earths essence and energy using sustainable fabrics that recognize the benefits of natural and organically grown materials. Crafted using the highest standard of quality, our custom designs are created especially for those people who desire to live in a chemically free environment and further promote healthy living.

Inspired by the unspoiled beauty of Big Sky country, our headquarters, manufacturing, and weaving mill are located outside of Kalispell, Montana. Surrounded by nature's finest, the Swan and Mission mountains, these textiles are manufactured locally and distributed internationally. The distinctive and elegant designs of our textiles beautify and harmonize our daily lives.

Indika offers high-end bedding, dobby hand-loomed towels, and custom woven textiles using natural and organic fibers collected from around the world. These fibers are free of chemical influence, synthetic dyes, and harsh cleansing agents thus preserving their inherent beauty and function in the modern world. Indika's collections, inspired by earth's natural resources, are simple and timeless in both color and texture.

Indika's primary goal is assuring a beautiful environment for today and forever by conserving our lands resources and promoting an awareness of our responsibility to protect the well being and natural spirit of its inhabitants.

Indika's Mission
Indika strives to incorporate ethically responsible solutions for ultimate health and well being for ourselves as well as the earth we inhabit. Our vision for creating natural and organic textiles was first inspired by a need from people suffering due to chemical sensitivities. Our initial research found few if any choices offering elegant textiles for home, bed, and bath. Realizing the benefits of incorporating natural and organic textiles into ones lifestyle, Indika’s mission quickly evolved into educating the general public how to contribute to the future of a healthier environment.

In our efforts to incorporate all stages of creating beautiful sustainable textiles, it is important to recognize the impact each industry has on the earth. The yarns we use for our textiles are grown naturally without pesticides or chemicals and do not compromise the integrity of the fabric. Natural fabrics reflect light in a way that is unsurpassed. For example, the natural oil present in cotton is left in the fiber as it adds to the longevity of the textile and enhances its’ sheen. Cotton fibers in their natural and untreated state are generally three times as thick than cotton fibers that have been stripped due to chemical processes.

Incorporating plant, vegetable and low-impact dying practices is an important means of preservation within our environment. These dying practices have been applied for thousands of years. Only in the last hundred years have synthetic dyes been introduced resulting in contaminating fresh water supplies.

Through each stage of our products development we have supported the efforts of farming, spinning, dying yarns, and weaving communities, enlisting environmentally conscious practices worldwide. We continue striving to educate, offer unique and exquisite textiles and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

About Indika's Collections
CUSTOM WOVEN CHENILLE COLLECTIONS: Woven to the order at our weaving mill in Montana, these fabrics are wonderful for several applications such as upholstery, drapery, as well as bedding.

VALLEY VIEW COLLECTION: Also woven at our Montana mill this collection features beautiful drapery/bedding fabrics using the finest Romanian natural hemp and organic cotton yarns.

MALABAR COLLECTION: Includes fabrics made from hemp, hemp/silk, flax/silk, and hemp/flax combinations woven in the United States. These fabrics are available in solid colors, patterns, and different weights making this collection very versatile for bedding, upholstery, or drapery use. These fabrics have a coordinating color palette that is achieved using natural and low-impact dyes. Fabric is available by the yard or in finished product (bedding).

ENVIRONMENTAL SHEETING COLLECTION: Made from 100% organic cotton and plant and vegetable dyed. This collection is available in harmonizing prints and colors, which also coordinate with our Malabar Collection. Patterns were inspired by ancient wood block prints. Fabric is available by the yard (fabrics 113” wide) or in finished product (bedding).

HAND-LOOMED TOWEL COLLECTION: Hand-loomed in Turkey using old methods on 100 year old jacquard looms. Made from 100% Bergama organic cotton from the Aegean Sea region in Turkey. This region produces longer cotton fibers, which is very important for quality, increased softness, absorbency, and dying purposes. Ring Yarn Spun and Yarn Dyed, Indika towels are 4 ply and plant and vegetable dyed.
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